Film Story

« Tijana » Anthropological-documentary, 11 minutes, English

Belgrade, Serbia

Co-Author: Tijana Malek

The subject of this art documentary is the choreographer Tijana Malek; a woman and her vision through 15 years of experience. Tijana’s play « Danse Macabre » is inspired by the suffering of the Serbian people during the First World War and the poem « Blue Tomb » by Milutin Bojić, in which the poet pays tribute to Serbian soldiers who, due to exhaustion and disease, lost their lives far from their homeland. In her work, Tijana’s mission is to strongly oppose the war and violence by using the act of creation. Through the exploration of ethics and morals, in this documentary Mariana raises the question « What are the responsibilities and duties of artists in these times of darkness, violence and human suffering? » by reaching a level of intimacy, where we feel the fight of the choreographer.